Creating Our Future,Inc. is a youth mentoring program that introduces high school students to career options of their choice as well as introduce them to the fields of Healthcare,Law Enforcement and Education.We are a mentoring program designed to lead, guide, and mentor high school students towards the direction of success. Our focus is on increasing graduation rates, and college readiness in the High schools of DeKalb County and Metro Atlanta.


Our Mission

Our mission, at Creating Our Future youth mentoring program is dedicated to providing the necessary guidance, skills, training, and resources to better prepare the youth for college and career choices as they successfully transition into adulthood.



Our vision, at Creating Our Future is focused on the youth in building strong relationships, becoming leaders in their communities, as well as becoming successful adults. As we strive to make a difference and create greatness in our youth, we will like to see the communities of Dekalb County and Metro Atlanta progress as our youth create success stories.


our values

At Creating Our Future, we believe in developing a mentorship that can help our youth become career driven earlier then later in life. Our mentoring program will:


“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”
— John C. Maxwell

What We offer

  • Our program will offer WORKSHOPS to coach and prepare students on personal and professional life skills
  • Our program will ASSIST in college preparation, resume building, and career placement assistance
  • Our program will provide the BASIC NECESSITIES for the needs of our youths families, that will consist of school supplies, filling up food pantries and clothing
  • Our program will ASSIST Veterans and their Youth with workforce transitioning, career development and building healthy relationships
  • Our program will provide TUTORING for all services, this will include high school courses, college courses, and GED assistance
 Creating Our Future,Inc. Stand Against Racism and Hatred

Creating Our Future,Inc. Stand Against Racism and Hatred

  •  Our WORKSHOPS consist of career development, college readiness, youth development, and education development
  • We will provide ONE on ONE and GROUP MENTORING.
  • Our program also work with other non-profit organizations to serve the community